Lose weight and keep it off

I didn’t think I could lose weight at 40+ years old and keep it off, and not be hungry or have a gym membership to do it!!

I’ve lost ten pounds and kept it off and I’m riding bikes everyday with my kids again. As a nurse and busy mom of three kids, I’m loving the extra energy to keep up!!!





Financial help

Starting over after a failed marriage can be hard I know! I’m a single mom with three kids trying to provide their needs while adding a few wants just for fun can be challenging. But there IS a way to do it, and actually enjoy it in the process!!

I’m not only a mom but a nurse with 18 years experience under the stethoscope! Working extra shifts, late shifts, overtime and night shifts and still getting kids to their bake sales, basketball practice, track try-outs, dyslexia tutoring, Church and school can make eating healthy and exercising challenging! I didn’t like the extra weight I had gained, nor did I like going through drive thru’s as often as I was so I found a healthier choice for me and my family which also earned us extra cash, and a 10 pound weight loss for me! My credit has been cleaned up and I have money saved up in the bank. I’ll be able to buy my daughter a car on her 16th birthday! I’m stoked!

If you’re interested in a healthier lifestyle, losing weight or earning financial freedom, let me know. I’m anxious to hear about your results!